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For as long as I can recall smelling the smooth burning tobacco smoke every noon on the front porch of my native home in Dominican Republic, it only meant that my dad was home. I would rush out to the porch to spend quality time with him, and as he told me make-up stories to keep me interested, even though all I wanted to do was be there. In one of those moments, I wanted to have my cigar brand so that moments like those would never end.


With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I present Aroma809 Cigars, made with premium tobacco from the best soils of the Dominican Republic but most importantly, with passion and time. It took me a long time trying to replicate that burning tobacco smoke my dad would cause with every draw, or how I call it now, Aroma809. My passion began long ago while I was just a kid without even knowing, and in the year 2020, my love became a reality. Having my brand cigar it’s a dream come true, and I invite you to enjoy Arom809 and tell your story as I enjoyed mine but now the Author.

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